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The Multitudes Project

"When we assume racial sameness without difference, our views of the world are distorted in harmful ways. At Duke, we often presume that there is a single way to be Asian—a cluster of historical, cultural, sexual, and biological oversimplifications—and project this singularity onto all Asian bodies.This racism circulates with our media, politics, and conversations—both at Duke and in America.

Multitudes seeks to explode the monolith of Asian representation into a multitude—a multitude of nationalities, migrations, sexualities, skin tones, perspectives, and personalities. But it approaches and falls short of representation. It cannot claim to represent all Asians and Asian-Americans at Duke, much less in America. Our definition of what it means to be Asian is far from perfect.

But Multitudes is a beginning. We aim to challenge the prevailing representations of Asians, to emphasize the complexity and richness of the Asian experience at Duke. Though this is impossible to capture, we challenge Duke to acknowledge the full weight and breadth of the Asian experience—without disparaging, flattening, or trivializing it.”

Read about The Multitudes Project here.

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